New Year’s resolutions

Dirt jumping in Göteborg // own photo
Dirt jumping in Göteborg // own photo


Why would I be writing about New Year’s resolutions now, as late as in mid-April? Because in my opinion New Year’s resolutions don’t make much sense.

Do not get me wrong, though. I think that making resolutions and then, hopefully, following through with them is a great way towards self-improvement. On the other hand, I just think it is pointless to wait with making a resolution until a new year starts, a new month commences or a Monday comes. If you a ready for a change then go for it now! Don’t wait, and don’t use the time left to a proverbial Monday as an excuse to carry on with an unhealthy, unproductive or unnecessary habit.

The best time to make your next resolution in not in 8 and a half month’s time, it is right now. And even if you made a promise to yourself to change one of more of your routines on January 1st this year and haven’t followed it through, grant yourself another chance. And another one if you still aren’t successful. And yet another one. Stop beating yourself up, stop feeling guilty and instead be your own best and most generous friend. And be persistent.

There are quite a few techniques that can support you in staying motivated and focused on tasks. One of the tactics to make you feel more accountable for own resolutions is sharing them with others. So here is the list of my own resolutions which I am going to start implementing from tomorrow on:

  • more considered and better planned shopping, including groceries, home decorations and clothes (I think I am much better but there is still room for improvement),
  • better planned meals (I am not good at eating regularly),
  • better planned days with more time for relaxation.

My plan is to use this blog for updates on how I am doing. I hope that making these small changes will improve my well-being.


What are the small changes that you could make in your everyday routines? I will happily read about them in the comments.


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