My journey towards simplicity

Sunset // own photo


My conscious journey towards simplicity started about two years ago when two major events took place in my life: I moved house and then my child was born.

Seeing all my life belongings packed in boxes wasn’t as bad as unpacking them and considering whether I would really need all those items in my new home. My attitude towards all the things changed even more after the birth of my child. I realised that the fewer things I owned, the less time I would spend on keeping them in order and the more time I would have for my child.

I think I had always been inclined towards simplicity but I would never call myself a minimalist. In the past months I have really started to enjoy the feeling of lightness that comes with having a less cluttered home. And, what comes with it, a less cluttered mind.


What steps towards simplifying your life have you taken?


Feeling no guilt

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Feel no guilt when you want to get rid of something you don’t like. Would it be an item of clothing you bought, a birthday gift you don’t like, a book you started to read and don’t enjoy. Free your space to welcome things that you do like and do enjoy.

I have no problems with re-gifting or donating the unlucky gifts to charity shops.


What are the unwanted gifts that clutter the shelves at your home? Have a proper look and get rid of them as soon as possible.



Hot air balloons over Göteborg // own photo


Changes are inevitable yet many fear them.

It is natural to be afraid to leave your comfort zone but if you want improvements, you have to make changes and adapt to them. It takes a while and it feels uncomfortable at first. This is how I am feeling now when writing my first post.

I considered a lot of topic for the first post and read advice from some well-established bloggers. And I was getting more and more confused so I decided to just go for it.

I started my journey with coaching over ten years ago. I have always been a good organiser and a passionate declutterer. I am not saying my life is perfectly organised but I strive to make it more enjoyable by limiting the number of things that surround me.


Do changes frighten you?