Why we always look forward instead of just enjoying the moment

Train journey somewhere in Poland // own photo


We are nearing the middle of winter and it is still about six weeks till the first day of calendar spring. My impression is that most of us have already started to think about spring instead of enjoying the moment we are living in.

Instead of focusing the here and the now, we have already started to check spring clothes collections and to plan summer holidays. As much as I understand the longing for the sunnier days, especially in a Nordic country, I wonder why we are so impatient and why we cannot live in the moment and appreciate what we have.

I remember that when I was a kid we would chuck our Christmas tree in mid-February. I remember how lovely it was to come back from school and just lie there, under the tree, and admire the lights and the decorations. These are one of the happiest moments from my childhood. I actually feel a bit disappointed with myself that I started to follow the trend of throwing away all Christmas decorations early, a few days after the New Year comes.


It all makes me think about why we often look forward to something newer. Why do we tend to live in the future while the most important moment is NOW?


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